Expectations of Weather and Manatees

  Remember this is a ‘Wild Adventure’ it starts to get reel when you make your reservations. Which means that seasonal weather, time of day, tides etc….all play an important role in the Magic of Manatees. Please inform yourself and have realistic expectations when considering taking a Manatee Tour in Florida with Snorkeling with Manatees.
We always welcome you to call and get the latest in conditions so you can make the best decision. Here at Snorkeling with Manatees our motto is that ‘Honesty is the best Policy’. There is always an element of chance and conditions are variable from HOUR TO HOUR and MOMENT TO MOMENT, but we will do our best to be understanding when it comes to what you can expect at any given time.  

"Since we host two (2) different locations our success rate is above industry standards."

- Captain Parker 


"Get up early to go see the Manatees! " "First light is the best time"! "Manatee season November 15th thru March 31st" ! All of these statements are from the late 1980"s verbiage when Swim With The Manatee programs all started. In the late 80's, when we only had a handful of manatees located in Florida, these statements were true. But now that we have over 6000 West Indian and Florida Manatees combined, all over Florida, things have changed.

 1. Manatees roam at all hours of the day so our tour times are set for our manatee guests!

 2. You do not have to go out at first light to find manatees, they roam all day!

 3. Since we have resident manatees here all year, there is no so called "Manatee Season" since we "Swim With Manatees" every day. Those dates listed on travelers blogs and websites are the dates that volunteers and local officials (USFWS) display floating markers for manatee sanctuaries so manatees can rest during the "Great Manatee Migration period, mid October through late April, based on water temps. You may "See More" manatees during the dates stated above but the interaction is still the same all year. 


Humans may go to the store planning to stay in, grab some food and water so that we can take shelter. Manatee do the same thing!. The day before severe weather can be challenging even in the cool weather seasons. 


  Oh…if it was only that easy! Yes, we must have a sense of humor about this as many visitors do not. When the temps in the Gulf of Mexico dip below 70 degrees (around 68-69 degrees) the animals will begin to move into King’s Bay and Homosassa Springs quickly. Sometimes the difference of one night or even a few hours is dramatic! Ultimate time to shoot for a manatee encounter? After a period of consecutive cold nights with no strange weather phenomena in the forecast (storms, high winds, extra low tides).  However we still have a great amount of resident manatees for your enjoyment year round!



Our small population of ‘Resident Manatee’ are a scientific anomaly that really set King’s Bay apart from other manatee destinations. A combination of mothers with calves (they often times do no teach migratory patterns the first year of life), rehabilitated animals that enjoy the protection of the Bay, a few social, wacky manatee that never leave and orphaned animals denied the lesson of migration mean that we can consistently find at least a few manatee even on the warmest days. When visiting be fully informed and DO NOT expect to find the animals near the clear water of the springs. In warm weather, there is no reason for them to be near the springs and they tend to be on the move munching away where water is not always so clear. 


  Attention all manatees, it is almost MId October! You must get a move on so you do not disappoint the many people coming to see you and join your resident manatees for your winter vacation! High-tail it into king’s bay and Homosassa this month or you will be late and miss out on opening day of tourist season!   

Does bring us one consistent blessing…it tends to be a slower time for tourism. You can bet that there will be less people visiting the area which means less people on your tour and in the water. A wonderful time to take advantage of lower travel fares and lodging in the area is also very affordable during this season. With realistic expectations and local businesses eagerly catering to your needs, this can be a wonderful season to travel to Crystal River!


The Official ‘ Great Manatee Migratory Season’ begins Mid to late October and runs through the end of April, but keep in mind that these are wild animals that do not have a calendar or smart phone to remind them when the time is coming!  Also there is no need for a heated boat... LOL why would you advertise for a heated boat in FLORIDA? You guys are coming to FLORIDA for warmth and warm it is. There a handful of days that the weather gets a little chilly, but never fear, the water is warm (72 Degrees) and the SUN DROPS OF FLORIDA will rain upon your shoulders!


These transitional seasons can be hard to predict and we are really in the hands of Mother Nature. Conditions are variable and tomorrow almost certainly WILL NOT be like yesterday! Please be understanding and patient, have realistic expectations and we will have a great time.

Our crews and Captains hopes that this information excited you about your manatee adventure. We look forward to meeting you and your family's