Crystal River and Homosassa Springs Florida.

Enjoy the Fresh Air and Sun Drops of Florida - Add a Private Charter Cruises  and or a Dolphin Vacation and spend some time with us on the nature coast. 

Have a personal tour with less people. $70 pp 6 people max per boat!

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"Our Most Popular Summer Tour" 3.0 hours | Low-Risk |Shared Boats |2 Person min - Small Groups

6:00 am, 8 am, 10:00 am, 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm daily

" The Florida Manatee is the most enduring Animal in the state of Florida" 
This is our most popular Manatee Tour at $70 per person (including 3mm wetsuit, mask and snorkel) whether you're just sightseeing or snorkeling . This VIP " Florida Manatee Tour" is good for ages 2 and older and last 3 hours from start to finish... 

The  " Homosassa and Crystal River Manatee Tour"   is a slice of heaven.  We now host 2 locations, The "Crystal River Refuge" and "The Old Homosassa Springs River " The Manatee capital of the World" our success rate is above industry standards, almost 100%. to enhance your Florida Manatee Adventure "all year with a 5-star experience.

We will take you to the best location based on the previous days Manatee Adventures.  Add a "Airboat Adventure" to your day of "Manatee Magic"

 We recommend this tour, less people and boats, means less stressed manatees.  

We have 9 boats, and each boat does its own thing. Have more than 6 in your group? No worries.

Why wait give us a call  352-257-8687


  All Manatee Tours are  easy - Anyone can do it !!!!! 

  • Children ages 2 and up recommended
  • 17 and under must be with a guardian 
  • 3mm Wetsuits 
  • Mask and Snorkel
  • Captain/Manatee Instructor included
  • Hot Coco/Coffee in the cooler months
  • Ice Water in the Summer Months 
  • Face it, after the age of 35 you can not get out of your pool float with dignity, so we will provide you a water noodle.
  • Pictures? Yes, request an IN-WATER-GUIDE for a photo opportunity to purchase after charter. Inquire at check in for Crystal River Refuge. 
  • 1 PM Homosassa Springs Location (Click Here)
  • Hassle FREE Online Booking with our ticket reservation system.
  • Shared Boats: 5 or less passengers, Captain may add others to fill your vessel. Maybe consider the Private 3 hour or Private 4 hour  Private boats are great if you want just you and your family onboard. ( 1 to 6 passengers allowed in private).   

 See our "Certificate Of Excellence" and why so many past and future guest have chosen us for the last 23 years.

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Start times do not reflect actual length of tours. Pick your time and select your dates.  If on-line booking is sold out call 352-257-8687 for availability. Capt may assigned location for better experience 


"Momma Enjoys This Tour" 4.0 hours

8 AM and 12:00 PM  Daily

Mania, also known as "Manic Syndrome, is a state of abnormally elevated arousal, affect, and energy level, or "a state of heightened overall activation with enhanced effective expression together with liability of affect. Now that is the definition of a Manatee lover.

Want to spend a little more time with the Manatees and not break the bank? Then this tour is for you. For $480.00 you get a half day Private Manatee Encounter for your family and friends.

This tour is 4 hours from start to finish and we TRY and keep you in the water with the manatees for up to 2 hours.

The main DIFFERENCE in this tour and our Magnificent  Manatee Tour is 1.0 hour. Little bit more, laid back for just a few bucks. You can bring up to 6 passengers on this tour, if you have more than 6, call for proper placement.   


  • Children from the ages 2 and up recommended
  • 17 and under must be with a Guardian
  • Wetsuits, Mask and Snorkel included
  • Face it, after 35 you can not get out of your pool float with dignity, so we will provide you a water noodle.
  • Hot Chocolate/Coffee during the cooler days.
  •  Pictures? Yes, request an IN-WATER-GUIDE for a photo opportunity to purchase after charter.
  • 8 AM and 12:00 PM  Crystal River Refugee Location
  • 8 AM and 1 PM Homosassa Springs Location (Click Here)
  • 4.0 hours Private Mania Extravaganza
  • Guaranteed window seats and personal quarters with your captain.
  • No more than 6 passengers in a group, if you have more than 6 call or email for special seating

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Citrus County, Crystal River Refuge and Homosassa River has the highest concentration of resident and migrating manatees in recorded history. This is the perfect opportunity to Swim With the Manatees.

Snorkeling with Manatees and Swim with Manatees  is proudly located in the Crystal River Refuge and Homosassa River of Citrus County Florida. This is your chance to experience either body of water in an entirely new light. Not only will you see Manatees and amazing local Wildlife, you'll feel the unique energy and vibe of each location as you embark on the most amazing wildlife encounter; To go Snorkeling with the Manatees. Choose your destination and let us do the rest  


 Hi, my name is Master Captain - Parker, lead Captain of Snorkeling With The Manatees. Thanks for viewing our website. Before and during this crazy time of the world, we have always provided a LOW-RISK environment for you and your family. Our captains and I have been conducting Manatee Snorkel and Swim Tours in the Crystal River Refuge and Homosassa River Florida every day for over 19 years. We enjoy the manatees as much as you will. With many years of experience, we have learned that less is more. We have a business that focuses on fewer people at one time rather than many people at once.   


Our most popular manatee tour is three to three and a half hours long, from start to finish except for our All-Day Private Tours. We try to keep you in the water upwards to an hour and a half, although we or anybody else cannot guarantee how long you're with the manatees for they are free roaming, but we do our best. The "Swim with Manatee Tours"  are conducted in a educational and instructional manor, to ensure the best encounter for the manatees and your family. We are also permitted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (permit # 09038) to conduct the manatee tours in Crystal River and Homosassa River daily. We take the time needed for our customers, the waters are shallow, the swims are easy, and you will never be rushed.

The tour times are set for the best interactions and avoiding the crowds. On your swim with the manatees tour, you will find the clear waters to be refreshing and breath taking. Scroll down the page to see your next adventure You can make a Manatee Tour reservation by email or over the phone 352-257-8687 and talk with one of our Captains or Crew. Sign up now for tickets are limited. Please call or email if you have questions or comments.

Also, there is no age restrictions, young or older can enjoy this amazing way of life. You will want to add this site to your favorites, as you will enjoy our site almost as much as the Swim with Manatee tours.   Thank you and see you soon.  


1-6 People included in Price $420

"Daddy Loves This Tour" 3.0 hours private

6:00 am, 8 am, , 10 am, 12 pm and 2:00 pm daily

Join Snorkeling with Manatees, for a true Magnificent Manatee Tour (Half Day) Private Swim With Manatees excursion on the beautiful Homosassa Springs or Crystal River ( Choose below)  accompanied only with your family/party.

We offer this very special and unique opportunity to snorkel with manatees in a private boat setting, including snorkeling gear, wet suits, hot chocolate/coffee/tea.

Our private Swim With Manatees tour begins at 6:00 am ,8:00 am, 10:00 am, 12 pm and 2:00 PM. Each VIP Mini private manatee tour lasts about 3 hours, however, as your enjoyment is important to us, this will only include your family. 

This tour is truly private, as you will not be sharing the boat with others, this is for your party only.


  • Children ages 2 and up recommended
  • 17 and under must be with a guardian
  • Wet suits
  • Mask and Snorkel
  • Face it, after 35 you can not get out of your pool float with dignity, so we will provide you a water noodle.
  • Captain/Manatee Instructor included
  • 3.0 Hour Tour/Start to Finish
  • Pictures? Yes, request an IN-WATER-GUIDE for a photo opportunity to purchase after charter.
  • Totally Private 6 max passengers
  • Hot Chocolate/Coffee during the cooler months
  • Ice Water during warmer months 

Quick and easy On-Line booking

Start times do not reflect actual length of tour. Pick your time and select your date. Capt may assign location for a better experience 


"Glamma and Grand Pa absolutely enjoyed this Tour" 6.0 hours with Dockside lunch

8  am start times

Spend all day with the manatees. Our prices and amenities will exceed your expectations. Enjoy the manatees privately with lunch, snacks and all snorkeling equipment with your Captain.

8 AM arrival!!!   


In this extraordinary interactive experience, participants will enjoy the manatees in the shallow water as well as the unique opportunity of Swimming with The Manatees all day! 

Aided by snorkel, mask and wet suits that are included, there is no better way than this to truly experience the grace and power of the West Indian Manatee. 

Your phenomenal six-hour private manatee encounter is proceeded by an educational presentation to prepare you for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Along the way you may see dolphins, American bald eagles and many more birds of prey.


We provide all snacks, beverages and lunch with your Captain (Lunch is provided from one of our local restaurants on the bay, and or have pizza delivered to your boat). Snorkeling gear and wet suits are included.

This is a private manatee encounter with just you and your family. Only those that booked this trip of the day will be on the boats, except for the captain. Join us for a day in our life.... our way of life!   


  • Ages 2 and up recommended
  • 17 and under must be with a guardian
  • Mask, Snorkel, and Wetsuits
  • Face it, after 35 you can not get out of your pool float with dignity, so we will provide you a water noodle.
  • Set down Lunch at one of our "Dockside Bar and Grills"  with your Captain and crew on us..
  • Drinks hot coco/ice water
  • Captain/Manatee instructor
  • All Private 
  • More time on the water.

Summer Fall/Spring Winter Conditions Click Here or on Weather ICONS for more information


"What an amazing day, we swam with several Manatees and seen Dolphins. Would highly recomend the Marvelous Manatee tour for 3 hours. Kids Loved It"

- Butch Carson

"My family enjoyed the All Day Manatee Madness Tour. Captain and Guides were beyond the best." Manatees are HUGE!!! 

-Jean Heights

Loved this tour. Very easy and fun for my whole family, even my momma. 

- Amanda Reinhart