Good Neighbors Policy

At Snorkeling with Manatees it is our goal to provide an incredibly fun and interactive experience for our guest,but to also project a positive and respectful image to those who share our docks and waterways! In order to do so, we need everyone to do his and her part by participating in a safe and respectful manner while enjoying this wonderful and magical adventure !

To Snorkel With Manatees In Florida! "The Most Enduring Animal In The State of Florida"

We know that 99% of our guest will partake in a safe and responsible manner but we do feel that it is necessary to point out actions and behaviors that are not allowed on out manatee tours or river cruises. 

The following is list of unnecessary and inappropriate behaviors that can result in an early termination of your cruise.

 Examples include: but are not limited to

  • Extreme Intoxication
  • Public Urination 
  • Littering
  • Manatee Harassment of any sort. This is to include, excessive yelling, loud music, excessive rude or out of control behavior.
  • Damage to boat or boat equipment and or crew
  • Disrespect of Crew or Captain
  • Vulgar Language or Absence Jestours
  • DO NOT bring family or friend issueses on to our boats or gift shop. These need to be resolved elsewhere, not on our tours.
  • Failing to adhere to the safety briefing from the boats crew and or Captain 

We at Snorkeling with Manatees thank you in advance for helping us to create a FUN, Safe and Responsible atmosphere that makes us proud to be a part of our surrounding community! We look forward to having you onboard!!!