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Join us on an incredible Adventure to the Gulf of Mexico. We are a Dolphin Smart tour company endorsed by NOAA fisheries. $55 


**Dolphin SMART Torque Program in Homosassa, Florida with Snorkeling With Manatees Team**


Homosassa, Florida, is renowned for its pristine waterways, rich marine biodiversity, and unique wildlife experiences. A particularly popular attraction is the opportunity to snorkel with manatees, gentle giants that inhabit the warm waters of the Crystal River. Complementing this experience, Snorkeling With Manatees tour outfitters have developed a Dolphin SMART Torque Program to educate and promote sustainable interactions with dolphins. This program integrates educational components, conservation efforts, and responsible tourism practices to ensure a harmonious coexistence with these intelligent marine mammals.

**Dolphin SMART Program Overview**

The Dolphin SMART program is a partnership initiative designed to promote responsible dolphin-watching practices. The acronym SMART stands for:

**S**tay at least 50 yards away from dolphins. -

**M**ove away cautiously if dolphins show signs of disturbance. -

**A**lways put your engine in neutral when dolphins are near. -

**R**efrain from feeding, touching, or swimming with wild dolphins. -

**T**each others to be Dolphin SMART.

This initiative is essential in Homosassa, where dolphin-watching tours have become increasingly popular. The goal is to minimize human impact on dolphin populations while maximizing educational and conservation benefits.

**Program Activities** 

1.**Educational Briefings:** Each tour begins with an educational briefing led by certified marine naturalists. These briefings cover the biology, behavior, and conservation status of dolphins, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a respectful distance and not disturbing their natural activities.

2. **Guided Dolphin-Watching Tours:** The tours are conducted on specially designed boats that allow for optimal viewing without disrupting the dolphins. The guides follow the Dolphin SMART guidelines strictly, ensuring that engines are put in neutral when dolphins are near and maintaining a safe distance.

3. **Interactive Learning:** Throughout the tour, participants engage in interactive learning sessions. These include identifying different dolphin species, understanding their communication methods, and recognizing behaviors that indicate stress or disturbance.

4. **Conservation Messages:** The program integrates strong conservation messages, encouraging participants to advocate for marine conservation efforts. Information on local and global threats to dolphins, such as pollution and habitat destruction, is provided, along with actionable steps tourists can take to contribute to conservation.

5. **Partnership with Local Organizations:** Snorkeling With Manatees collaborates with local conservation organizations and research institutions. This partnership ensures that the latest scientific findings are incorporated into the program and supports ongoing research and conservation projects.

**Snorkeling with Manatees Experience**

In addition to the Dolphin SMART Torque Program, Snorkeling With Manatees offers an unforgettable experience of swimming with manatees. These tours are conducted with the utmost respect for the animals, adhering to guidelines set by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Participants are taught how to observe manatees without touching or disturbing them, ensuring a safe and respectful interaction.

**Program Benefits**

1. **Enhanced Tourist Experience:** Tourists gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of marine life, leading to more meaningful and memorable experiences.

2. **Conservation Awareness:** By educating tourists about the importance of marine conservation, the program fosters a community of informed advocates for dolphin and manatee protection.

3. **Sustainable Tourism:** The Dolphin SMART Torque Program helps mitigate the environmental impact of tourism, promoting practices that protect marine habitats and wildlife.

4. **Community Involvement:** The program encourages local community involvement and supports the economy through eco-friendly tourism.


The Dolphin SMART Torque Program offered by Snorkeling With Manatees in Homosassa, Florida, represents a model of responsible and sustainable marine tourism. By educating visitors and promoting conservation-focused interactions with dolphins and manatees, the program ensures that future generations can continue to enjoy and appreciate these remarkable marine animals in their natural habitat.

Crystal River and Homosassa River, Citrus County Florida Dolphin Adventure $55 pp 3 person min to start a boat.

  After your morning with Manatee Swim join us for a amazing Dolphin Smart encounter. We are endorsed by the Dolphin Smart Program  ENDORSED by NOAA Fisheries ( National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) .We see dolphins 8 out of 10 trips. If you want to take pictures or just watch them in their habitat, choose us! The dolphin encounters in Homosassa and Crystal River Florida (Central West Coast Gulf Side) have become more and more popular. These guys have no schedule and can show up anywhere. The dolphins are  funny and have amazing speeds. Let's head out on a river boat ride to see these wild dolphins.

Curious about a Dolphin/Manatee Vacation? Click Here

We might even see them feeding, or jumping and splashing, what a great way to spend your afternoon. We will also view other wildlife and landmarks (American bald eagles, wild pigs, Indian mounds and more)  while we head out to the Gulf of Mexico. Tour times are  4 pm daily, please allow a little extra time for departures. Call for reservations for seats are limited. "The Old Homosassa River" theme park... We will be departing at Landing 1-H   5297 S Cherokee Way, Homosassa FL 34448, with advanced reservations. 

All pictures taken with a telephoto lens during our Dolphin Tours!!!

Viewing Guide Lines

  • Never feed or attempt to  feed wild dolphins
  • When approaching wild dolphins, remain a respectful distance of 50 yards and maintain a vessel slightly to, and behind; the dolphin.
  •  Always maneuver your vessel in a slow, predictable manner
  • Time spent observing wild dolphins should be limited to no more that a 1/2 hour
  • Dolphins should not be encircled or trapped between watercraft or between watercraft and the shore
  • If a dolphin approaches you, put your watercraft's engine into neutral and allow the animal to pass
  • Refrain from swimming with or touching wild dolphins, even if they approach you in the water
  • Avoid separating mother/calf pairs
  • Move away cautiously if you notice signs of disturbance

These guidelines are set forth by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Marine Fisheries Service

Call to book your 4 PM pm dolphin tour 352-257-8687