8 am, 10:00 am, 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm

Reconnect With Nature by Snorkeling With Manatees, for a true Magnificent Private Swim With Manatees excursion on the beautiful Homosassa and or the Crystal River accompanied only with your family/party.

We offer this very special and unique opportunity to snorkel with manatees in a private boat setting, including; snorkeling gear, wet suits.

Our private swim with manatees tour begins at 8 AM, 10 AM 12 Noon , ( 10AM and 1PM HOMOSASSA SPRINGS) and 2:00 pm. Each magnificent private manatee tour lasts about 3 hours, however, as your enjoyment is important to us, we will only include your family. This tour is truly private, as you will not be sharing the boat with others, this is for your party only.

Rates are as follows: 

3.0 Hour Magnificent Private Manatee tour Includes  

  • $420.00 for 1 - 6 passengers, you are booking the whole boat. This price is as if you booked 6 passengers, regardless of your group being less than 6. 
  •  Max 6 passengers per boat. If you have more in your group, please call for special pricing.
  • Wet suit & Snorkel Gear
  • Exclusive Mini ( Half Day )Private
  • We do not have an age restriction
  • However we recommend children from the age of 2 and up.
  • If you have an infant in your family, this tour maybe the one for you. As infants require more attention.
  • 17 and under must have a guardian on the boat. We can accommodate up to 12 passengers, ask for details when booking.
  • Also available at our shop and/or boat:
  • Pictures? Yes, request an IN-WATER-GUIDE  ($105) for a photo opportunity to purchase after charter.
  • Manatee souvenirs & gifts
  • Restrooms
  • Coffee, Hot chocolate, Hot cider or tea
  • Wet suits/Snorkel Gear
  • Captain may assign location for better experience