Swim With The Manatees

Manatee Mania (Maniac)Tour



$75.00 per person
8 AM and 12:00 PM November 15th - May 1st 

Get back to nature and discover the home of the world’s "Manatee Capital of the World' Homosassa Springs. Get the chance to interact with the curious, gentle giants in their natural habitat. This tour is 4 hours from start to finish, so if you want a little more time with the manatees, grab your seats and hang on. This tour offers a bit more time than our most popular VIP Tour and a little shorter than our all day Private Tour
Learn all about the animals in a classroom-type setting from your instructors and get tips for your snorkel tour to make the most of your day. Hear about "passive interaction" that ensures that the animals enjoy the experience just as much as you do!
Then, journey to the Springs of Old Homosassa with a Coast Guard captain and instructor aboard a pontoon boat. Marvel at the wildlife around you, see monkeys and possibly Dolphins. Get up close to the sea cows as they move slowly through the water.

Head back to Riverside Resort to visit the one-of-a-kind Water Front Resort and purchase unique souvenirs at our Old Homosassa Snorkeling Center. Get tips on what to do in Homosassa Springs area, along with directions from the well-informed staff to other local attractions and restaurants
Tips before your tour
• Children must be at least 2 years old to take part in the Manatee Mania tour. Younger babies are allowed on our VIP and Private Tours
• Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Very young children must be calm and quiet in order to not scare the animals
• Children should be comfortable in the water and parents should stay close at all times for their safety
• Wetsuits are available in all sizes toddlers size 1 - 5X
  • Bring towels and bathing suits
  • Bring a Track Suit - Sweat Pants and Hoodie
  • Wetsuits, Mask and Snorkel included
  • Captain, Guide and Instructor included
  • Hot CoCo and or Hot Coffee included
  • 6 passenger max per boat, if you have more than 6 in your group, call for details 
  • Book On-Line after recieving a booking number from us.
  • 8 AM and 12:00 PM November 15th - May 1st 

• It is important to have realistic expectations for a wild animal encounter. In the cooler weather the animals migrate to the area and congregate in the warm springs.
When the weather warms they can move about. These are wild animals and their migration cannot be controlled. Both tour times are the best time to find the animals and the best chance of seeing them, the tour times are set for people, not manatees. Cold weather means many manatees, and warmer weather means fewer manatees.