Swim With The Manatees

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Today's Specials
Surprise your kiddo's up on arival. Have their own Manatee Adventure Bag to begin their Manatee Experience.

This Adventure bag includes:


  • Plush Manatee
  • Juice and Snack
  • Manatee Rubber Braclet
  • 8 Count Jumbo Crayons and Manatee Coloring Activity Pages
  • Manatee Post Card 


Adventure Bag


Today's Specials
Manatee Plush Towels buy one for each passenger.
For best results, Swim or Snorkel with Manatees and then dry off with your own Plush Manatee Towel

Plush Manatee Towel


Today's Rental Camera Special
Take your Manatee and Dolphin pictures home. Take your own pictures and reap the rewards of taking your photos or videos

Rent this camera for your "Once in a Liftime Adventure" and take your memories home. Take all the pictures and or video you want. Once you return from your Manatee Snorkel then we will down load your pictures on a Manatee Flash drive for you to keep.
Dont worry about getting the money shot, we will pre-load 55 pictures that Master Captain Gene and Master Captain Traci has taken over the last 20 years to assure you get great photos to share with your family and freinds. Customer is fully responsible to return camera to the captain or crew after tour. The customer will not open or adjust settings on camera.
Coleman C9WP-Y Xtreme3 20 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with Full 1080p HD Video 

Underwater Camera


Today's Phone Specials
After your Manatee Swim, get water and sand protection for your exspensive smart phone on the rest of your Florida Vacation
In todays world most smart phones take amazing photos and videos. Grab one of these water proof Aryca phone bags and take your phone on an Adventure. Works on all smart phones, some screen functions may not operate while in the water. However your photo button will always work, we can show you. 

Underwater Phone Cases


Today's Disposable 35 mm underwater camera Specials
Impress your kids with Chick-O-Sticks and Old School 35 mm Disposable Underwater Camera. Hand it to them and see if they can view the photos.
These 35 mm 27 exp Underwater Cameras have been around for years. Dont want to take your phone with you? No worries, these little guys still to this day take amazing photos. Walgreens and Wal-Mart still develope film and for just a few pennys will put them on a flash drive for you.

35 mm Camera