Swim With Manatees
Homosassa "Swim With the Manatees" $65 per person

Swim or Snorkel with Manatees in Sunny Florida


VIP Marvelous Manatee Swims Starting at $65 pp, for 3 hours.

See The Monkeys of "The Old Homosassa River" FL, on your "VIP" Manatee Swim Plus a Scallop tour the next day. Take a Vacation from your Vacation, let us help. Spend a couple of days with us on the Island.

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Homossasa  River VIP  "Swim With the Manatees" 8:00,11:30 am and 2 PM Daily. A 2 pass min or we can join you with others.


The "Old Homosassa River" Manatee Encounter is the most sought after tour in the world of wildlife encounters. The Homosassa River offers a secluded manatee swim or boat ride with or with out snorkeling equipment. Since this tour has less people, less boats and shallow water means a great tour with an up-close encounter. Enjoy the "Blue Waters of the Old Homosassa River". You need to try this tour. Captain Gene has been conducting his tours of the Homosassa River for over 16 years. Not, just in the easy months (Winter when all of the manatees are here) but everyday, rain, sleet or snow. Ok we don't have snow.. We are not just here for the easy months like some of the tour guides.

If you want a Professional, experienced tour guide, then you are at the right place. If you're not sure, please ask questions. We are very honest and loyal.  We promise this encounter to be the best. The Homosassa River is very shallow,the water is always 72 degrees, good for those of all ages. 

     The Old Homosassa River and its bay is very small and quaint, concentrating the winter manatees in one area. This allows for better viewing of wildlife and manatees in their habitat. Crystal River is a larger body of water, which allows the manatees to be in many areas. The Crystal River tour is a good tour all year but the Homosassa River is the best tour for our so called "Fall and Winter months" October thru April .  

     The Crystal River is the main hub for all manatee media, research and tours. With over 20 different manatee tour operators in the Crystal River refuge everyday, it can get over crowded with boats and swimmers. This is why we like the Homosassa VIP tour, we typically are the only tour boats in the Homosassa springs on any given day. This is like having Sea World all to your self's. We believe that less people means less pressure on the wild life, and how we do this is to only allow up to 6 passengers on our boats at one time. This approach has lesser impact on the manatees and  lets them behave in their normal curious ways. If you are concerned about which tour time is the best 8:00 am or 11:30 am let us help. Both  tour times are great, you don't have to get out before sun up. Keep in mind that the summer months (June - August) the weekends can be a little busy with other pleasure boats, Patience is a must! 

    We really dont have a "So Called Manatee Season" since Season means a stop and start date. We have what is called the "Migratory Season" mid October thru April ish. Since we have resident Manatees here all year, we get to see them everyday.

Tour times are set for our guest, not Manatees. The manatees behavior is based on the night before. If the manatees were to go out and eat all night, they are going to be more comfortable sleeping and resting early the next morning. No worries, that's again why we take small groups, as so not to put a tremendous amount of pressure on the manatees regardless of what tour time you choose. All of our tours are suitable for all ages and if your guest just want to ride and watch, they will enjoy the encounter as much as the swimmers. Feel free to call if you have any questions, we are here to help. We have all the equipment you need for rent at check in, and we also have rental HD underwater cameras and underwater cases for your iPhones and iPads. Please ask for these cases or cameras at time of booking. Reservations On-Line

Included in your fees

  • 3 MM Wetsuits 
  • Mask and Snorkel 
  • Available Upon Check In


Snorkeling With Manatees

5297 S Cherokee Way

Homosassa FL, 34448