Swim With The Manatees
Crystal River "Swim With the Manatees" 6 passenger min

Snorkel, Swim or Float with the Manatees in Sunny Florida


All Day Manatee Swims on the Wonderful Crystal River Refuge

$1000.00 All inclusive for up to 6 Passengers Including a Shore Lunch for All 

1-352-257-8687 (TOUR)


Crystal River "Swim With the Manatees"  8:00 am yearly

The Crystal River Manatee swim is the most common manatee encounter in Citrus County. People from all over the world come to Crystal River to experience this wonderful manatee encounter. Visit the largest manatee sanctuary "King Springs" and swim in Three Sisters Springs where the spring water is always a steamy 72 degrees all year. This Manatee Swim offers so much fun and excitement, you can't even begin to explain to others. However, if you want a more secluded manatee tour with less people, we would suggest the VIP Homosassa Tour. Your rental package is included in your tour fee and or bring your own. Need a camera? Rent an underwater digital camera ($20.00 requires a SD memory card) and take your pictures or videos home. Also we have underwater cases for your iPhone, Androids and iPads.
     In the peak season, the winter months, Crystal River has upwards of 400 manatees, and the sumer months upwards to 70 Manatees. Our trained staff/captains will educate you on the proper interaction and show you a wonderful time with a prehistoric mammal. Our captains sometimes get in the water with you to ensure the best interaction, we love this as much as you will. They're days when the Manatees are in their feeding grounds, the water may be a little murky from them feeding on the fresh water vegetation.
     We never know when the Manatees will be feeding but if they will allow us to get in the water, we will! There are times when the Manatees want to just feed and be left alone, thats okay, we will just float beside them and enjoy their grace and beauty, on these days we may not get to touch them but we can still get in the water and see if they want to take a little break and hang out with us, remember it's not about touching the Manatees but being with them in the wild.. 
     We offer 1 tour for the Crystal River Manatee Swim 8:00 am yearly. This Manatee encounter can be for those who choose to be boat riders or swimmers. You will not be disappointed. Reserve On-Line.

 Rental Package Included.

  • Wetsuits 
  • Mask and Snorkel 
  • Available Upon Check-In
  • Digital Underwater Camera ($20 Rent and requires a SD memory card) 

Location for the Crystal River Manatee Swim:

10460 West New York Street

Homosassa Florida 34448

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