Swim With The Manatees
See The Dolphins Of Citrus County $40.00


Crystal River Dolphin Smart Encounter

$40.00 Per Person 2 Person minimum

352-257-8687 (TOUR) 3:30pm every day

***** Star Rating


   After your morning with Manatee Swim join us for a amazing Dolphin Smart encounter. We are endorsed by the Dolphin Smart Program  produced by NOAA Fisheries ( National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) .We see dolphins 8 out of 10 trips. If you want to take pictures or just watch them in their habitat, choose us! The dolphin encounters in Homosassa Florida (Central West Coast Gulf Side) have become more and more popular. These guys have no schedule and can show up anywhere. The dolphins are  funny and have amazing speeds. Let's head out on a river boat ride to see these wild dolphins. 

We might even see them feeding, or jumping and splashing, what a great way to spend your afternoon. We will also view other wildlife and landmarks (American bald eagles, wild pigs, Indian mounds and more)  while we head out to the Gulf of Mexico. Tour times are 3:30 pm daily, please allow a little extra time for departures. Call for reservations for seats are limited. We have digital cameras to rent, so bring your MICRO SD card and your family to "The Old Homosassa River" theme park...All pictures taken with a telephoto lens during our Dolphin Tours!!!

Viewing Guide Lines

  • Never feed or attempt to  feed wild dolphins
  • When approaching wild dolphins, remain a respectful distance of 50 yards and maintain a vessel slightly to, and behind; the dolphin.
  •  Always maneuver your vessel in a slow, predictable manner
  • Time spent observing wild dolphins should be limited to no more that a 1/2 hour
  • Dolphins should not be encircled or trapped between watercraft or between water craft and the shore
  • If a dolphin approaches you, put your watercraft's engine into neutral and allow the animal to pass
  • Refrain from swimming with or touching wild dolphins, even if they approach you in the water
  • Avoid separating mother/calf pairs
  • Move away cautiously if you notice signs of disturbance

These guidelines are set forth by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Marine Fisheries Service

Call to book your 3:30 pm dolphin tour 352-257-8687


Old Homosassa Dolphin Tours

10460 West New York Street

Homosassa FL, 34448