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# 1 Manatee Tour guide in Florida. Enjoy the Sun Drops of Florida. Enjoy the fresh Air add a Vacation Package and spend some time with us on the nature coast. Learn More 

See the Monkey's of the "Old Homosassa River" on your "Florida Manatee Tour".

Have a personal tour with less people.




We Only Take 6 Passengers Per Boat. 8:00 am 11:30 am daily. Our Tours are Very Personal and educational!! Our tours include your Guide and Manatee Instructor. Learn More.

1-352-257-8687 (TOUR) 

"VIP Marvelous Manatee Snorkel Tour"
3.0 Hours $65 per person 6 max on Boat 

Marvelous Manatee Tour

Homosassa Springs - "Manatee Capital of the World
Snorkel with "The Florida Manatee" all year on the Homosassa River.
The VIP Homosassa Springs Marvelous Manatee Tour , also known as "The Florida Manatee Tour" is the best kept secret of Manatee Tours. We are the only ones that have this wonderful privilege to "Snorkel With Manatees"
We are located in Citrus County only 1.10 hours from Tampa and 1.45 hours from Orlando, located next to the Old Sugar Mill Runs and only a few feet from the RIVER SIDE RESORT We are the only  year round "Homosassa Springs" Manatee / Dolphin Tour Company, and with the largest gift shop in the area.

 We offer a unique "VIP" Swim/Snorkel With the Manatees Tour for 3  hours.
Plus a ton of gifts and souvenirs to claim up on check in, or after your tour. 
With fewer people and fewer boats from other Manatee Tours located on the Crystal River/Kings Bay.
We cater to small groups, and this allows a more personal tour.
" The Florida Manatee is the most enduring Animal in the state of Florida" 

The admission is $65 per person (including 3 mm wetsuit, mask and snorkel) whether you're just sight seeing or snorkeling and never no more than 6 passengers per boat.
This VIP " Florida Manatee Tour"  is good for ages 2 and older and last 3  hours from start to finish...
The VIP " Homosassa Manatee Tour"  has "less people and boats" than the Crystal River Florida tour.
We recommend this tour all year, less people and boats, means less stressed manatees. 
We only allow six passengers on our Manatee Swims per boat. Why wait give us a call
 Included in your tour: 
  • Children ages 2 and up recommended
  • 17 and under must have a guardian 
  • 3 mm Wetsuits 
  • Mask and Snorkel
  • Captain/Manatee Instructor included
  • Hot Coco/Coffee in the cooler months
  • Ice Water in the Warmer Months 
  • Rental Underwater Digital HD Camera $39 (MICRO SD Memory Card Required )
  • Water Noodles-Free to use
  • On-Line Booking with our reservation number

 See our "Certificate Of Excellence" and why so many past and future guest have chosen us for the last 17 years.

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"Manatee Mania Tour"
4.0 Hours $75 PP 

Manatee Mania Tour

Mania, also known as manic syndrome, is a state of abnormally elevated arousal, affect, and energy level, or "a state of heightened overall activation with enhanced affective expression together with liability of affect.
Now that is the definition of a Manatee lover.
Want to spend a little more time with the Manatees and not break the bank? Then this tour is for you. A half day Manatee Encounter for your family and friends. This tour is 4 hours from start to finish and we try and keep you in the water with the manatees for up to 2 hours. 
Included in your Tour 
  • Children from the ages 2 and up recommended
  • 18 and under must be with a gaurdain
  • Wet suits, Mask and Snorkel included
  • Water noodles for use to add flotation
  • Hot Chocolate/Coffee during the cooler months
  • Guide, Captain and Manatee Instructor included
  • 8 AM and 12:00 PM November 15th 2018 - March 31st this tour only. The VIP tour all year.
  • Book On-Line with our Reservation Number (Call For Booking code)
  • No more than 6 passengers in a group, if you have more than 6 call or email for special seating

$75 per person

8 AM and 12:00 PM November 15th - March 31st only

Magnificent Mini Private Manatee Tour
3.0 Hours 1-6 passengers $390 


Join Snorkel With The Manatees, for a true  Magnificent Manatee Tour (Half Day) Private Swim With Manatees excursion on the beautiful Homosassa River accompanied only with your family/party.

We offer this very special and unique opportunity to snorkel with manatees in a private boat setting, including; snorkeling gear, wetsuits, hot chocolate/coffee/tea.

Our private swim with manatees tour begins at 8:00 am and 11:30am. Each VIP Mini private manatee tour lasts about 3 hours, however, as your enjoyment is important to us, we will only include your family. This tour is truly private, as you will not be sharing the boat with others, this is for your party only.

Included on your tour:


  • Children ages 2 and up recommended
  • 17 and under must have guardian
  • Wet suits
  • Mask and Snorkel
  • Water Noodels to use for flotation
  • Captain/Manatee Instructor included
  • 3.0 Hour Tour/Start to Finish
  • Totally Private 6 max passengers
  • Hot Chocolate/Coffee during the cooler months
  • Ice Water during warmer months 


 Book On-Line

Learn More 

$390 for 1 -6 passengers

 "Private Manatee Madness Tour"
6.0 Hours with lunch and a Dolphin Tour
$559 1 - 4 passengers add 2 more passengers at $119 each 


Spend all day with the manatees. Our prices and amenities will exceed your expectations. Enjoy the manatees privately with lunch, snacks and all snorkeling equipment with your Captain. Add a Dolphin Smart Tour at no extra charge.
Tours start at 8:00 am and 9:00 am all.
10% off of souvenirs and gifts with purchase of this Private tour.  


In this extraordinary interactive experience, participants will enjoy the manatees in the shallow water as well as the unique opportunity of Swimming with The Manatees all day! Aided by snorkel, mask and wetsuits that are included, there is no better way than this to truly experience the grace and power of the West Indian Manatee.
Your phenomenal six hour private manatee encounter is proceeded by an educational presentation to prepare you for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Along the way you may see dolphins, American bald eagles and many more birds of prey.
We provide all snacks, beverages and lunch with your Captain (Lunch is provided from one of our local restaurants on the bay, and or have pizza delivered to your boat). Snorkeling gear and wetsuits are included. This is a private manatee encounter with just you and your family. Only those that booked this trip of the day will be on the boats, except for the captain. Join us for a day in our life.... our way of life! 
Included in your Tour 
  • Ages 2 and up recommended
  • 17 and under must have a guardian
  • Mask, Snorkel, Wetsuits and towels
  • Water Noodels to use to help you float
  • Set down Lunch with your Captain 
  • Add a Dolphin for Free
  • Drinks, snacks, hot coco/ice water
  • Captain/Manatee instructor

$559 1-4 passengers, add 2 additional passengers at $119 each

Enjoy a Day in Sunny Florida and Swim With The Manatees.

Extend your stay with one of our Vacation packages

Add an AIRBOAT RIDE to Your Vacation, ask for details!!! 


$40 Per Person 2 Hours All Gear Included 
For $40 PP and 2 hours, plus Snorkel Gear included. Why not? This tour is about having a WET DAY. Let us drive and you relax. Need to COOL OFF? Come take a dip.
Come take a ride on our fully covered Snorkel Boat and enjoy the Fresh Water Springs. This 2 hour snorkel tour will wet your whistle.
See Fish, Collect Sea Shells, feel refreshed, find the Elusive Dork Fish.
THIS TOUR CONDUCTED MAY 15th - OCTOBER 1st 8:00 AM 12:00 PM and 3 PM if not sold out. 


Scallop Charters July 1st - September 24th 2018

Enjoy the Gulf of Mexico waters for this awesome underwater Easter Egg hunt. 

Let our captains from Snorkel With The Manatees guide you to most wonderful areas to collect your scallops. Bring them back to our docks and have them sucked for ya.
Relax back at your room at the Riverside Resort, clean up and then have the restaraunt cook up you scallops for dinner. Learn More  First time Scalloping? No problem add an in water scallop guide for $50 bucks to help you see these little buggers. The Captains are not allowed to leave the boats, this is USCG regulation. Sorry for the inconvenience 
1 - 6 Passengers $460

All Scallop Charters are Private, this means you DONT have to share your catch... Yummuy in the tummy!!!

Old Homosassa Snorkeling Center,LLC

Citrus County Crystal River and Homosassa River has the highest concentration of resident and migrating manatees in recorded history. This is the perfect opportunity to Swim With the Manatees.
Hi my name is Masater Captain Gene, lead Captain of Snorkeling With The Manatees. Thanks for viewing our website. Our captains and I have been conducting Manatee Swim Tours in Crystal River/Homosassa River  every day for over 16 years. We enjoy the manatees as much as you will. With many years of experience we have learned that less is more. We have a business that focuses on fewer people at one time rather than many people at once. 
    All of our manatee tours are three to three and a half hours long, except for our All Day Private Tours, and we try to keep you in the water upwards to an hour and a half, although we or anybody else cannot guarantee how long you're with the manatees for they are free roaming, but we do our best. The manatee swim tours are conducted in a educational and instructional manor, to ensure the best encounter for the manatees and your family. We are also permitted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (permit # 09038) to conduct the manatee tours in Crystal River and Homosassa River daily. 
    We take the time needed for our customers, the waters are shallow, the swims are easy and you will never be rushed. The tour times are set for the best interactions and avoiding the crowds. On your swim with the manatees tour, you will find the clear waters to be refreshing and breath taking. Scroll down the page to see your next adventure  You can make a Manatee Tour reservation by email or over the phone 352-257-TOUR (8687)  and talk with one of our Captains or Crew. Sign up now for seats are limited. Please call or email if you have questions or comments. Also there is no age restrictions, young or older can enjoy this amazing way of life. You will want to add this site to your favorites, as you will enjoy our site almost as much as the Swim with Manatee tours.Thank you and see you soon from Captain Gene and crew.



 Snorkeling Center Hours of Operation 
Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00 pm
  • Days Closed: 2018
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day weekend (Splash and Dash Open)
  • July 3rd - 4th (8 AM manatee Open and Splash and Dash)
  • Labor Day weekend (Splash and Dash Open)
  • Thanks Giving Day
  • December - 25th
  •  January 1st 2019
8:00am - 5:00pm

Weekends 8:00am - 5:00pm
Call For Reservations 352-257-8687 (TOUR) All calls answered until 6:00 pm daily.

Open 7 days a week, except for major holidays.

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We are proud members of the following organizations: PADI, RelayFor Life, Make a wish Foundation and many special needs foundations. All wildlife photos on this site are the property of Snorkel With The Manatees, copyright January 2010. Use of these photos for promotions or sale is illegal, unless permission is given by the said business. All tours are conduted by Snorkel With The Manatees, LLC.